Cristian Iotti was born in Reggio Emilia (Italy) on September 20th, 1976.

He attended the art school Venturi in Modena, after graduating in graphic design and after a first period of confusion, just like any young man who has recently come of age, he decided then to undertake again the way of creation and imagination.

In 2002 starts a collaboration with a photo-studio, mainly specialized in fashion.

In 2005 his own activity IMMAGINE was founded: a photo-studio, mainly oriented to the development of a more intuitive reportage of fashion, portraits and search for truth.

Even if he is working in fashion for some companies of Max Mara Group, sector where the artifice is a key component, Cristian is able to safeguard the most instinctive part of his job: through photography he expresses his vision of reality with strong images capable of capture in one shot the truth of things.

His last reportages talk about real life of circus families, coexistence of different ethnic groups within prison, new Italian emigration to Australia and refugee life.